Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quick update

Yes, I am now officially one of those terrible bloggers than once they get pregnant we never hear from them, sooooo embarrasing!!!  Sorry!!

The good news is we are 35 weeks as of yesterday, babies are doing awesome, Cynthia is 1.5cm dialated and 80% effaced, we are thinking it will happen next week.   As you know, Dan has been there almost a month on Sunday and has been going to appointments and helping out around the house since he can work remotely and I can't.  It's so awesome to hear him so excited after each ultrasound or NST, he has bonded with the babies so much already!  It makes me so happy to hear him talk :)

I am leaving for Seattle on Saturday, I'm flying with our little Olive and planning on staying there for a month.  That time is here already!! In about a week or two max, I will have those babies in my arms, unreal!  I'm beyond excited but it will sink in more when I get there.  I've been so busy at work leaving everything organized and at home, with so many things, that I've been very distracted.  Still cannot believe this is my life.

I'll update soon, with pictures, I promise. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Long time, me bad!

So sorry!   I was waiting for a good time to update, when I can sit and take time to write and lately there has been no time at all!  So I'm doing it now, no matter what, I've totally given up on a perfect moment to update.

Things are good, they are really great.  We will be 32 weeks on Wednesday and I'm very happy about that.   Of course I want them in there as long as possible but if they come today, I'll be fine and they will too.  So that is such a relief!

The pregnancy has been going good.  Cynthia has been on bed rest for over a month.  Her cervix, and I'm trying to remember if i had mentioned this on my last post... , had been shortening for quite some time, it was short to begin with but it went from 3.7 to 2.7, to 1.7, of course I started to freak out and wasn't super confident that Cynthia was really following the bed rest to a T, I felt the doctor wasn't really on it either, etc, etc. so I had a few days of paranoia and stress but her cervix has been stable at 2 for the past 3 weeks so all seems good and I'm so happy!!!

Dan drove this weekend to stay in Seattle and help the family.  Cynthia is on bed rest so theres meals to be made, things to do and we don't want to burden my brother in law with more than what he's been doing already, so we decided that Dan will go.  His job allows him to work remotely, mine doesn't work that way, I can do some but 80% has to be at the office, so Dan's officially living in Seattle and next time I see him we will most likely be a family of 5 already (counting little Olive of course!)

C-section is schedule for August 2nd, at 37.5 weeks.  Going by Cynthia's belly and cervix I doubt we'll make it that far, but we might all be surprised...  who knows.   The babies are doing great.   Last week my boy was weighing 3 lb. 7 ounces and my little girl was at 3 pounds 2 ounces.  I hear all the growth is in the next few weeks and judging by the size of Cynthia's belly as of today it looks like they might be over 4 pounds by now.

What else?  I am ready, I feel ready.   The nursery is almost done just waiting for a decal replacement to arrive.  We are doing just one crib until they start turning, our nursery is small, two cribs fit in there but we rather have it not so crowded for as long as we can.

Here are a few pictures.

Here is our FB announcement:

I have to say that everyone I know have taken this in an amazing way.   I prefaced the picture by saying that thanks to my amazing sister in law that offered to carry, we are now pregnant with twins, etc., etc.  Everyone has been so supportive, non judgemental, no one got too personal, no weird questions, just love, happiness and support from everyone.  I am lucky.  I was prepared for awkward moments and I can honestly say I've encountered none.

We had a beautiful baby shower:

And super cute cake:

It feels so real now.  It is really happening!

Cannot wait!!  ... Even though at times I wish I had a few more months to chill.

And for fun, what's your bet?   When do you think they'll be coming?  Mine is 2nd week of July, between 34 and 35 weeks.   I'll be so happy with that!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and mom's to be.   And for those of you struggling, do not lose faith.  This has been a hard day for me for years,  first infertility, then the loss of my mom and then both.  Today is my first Mother's Day in a long time that I've spent in good spirits.  The day is coming!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long.  I've just been incredibly busy.   Babies are great.  We are 25.5 weeks as of today.  Cynthia is doing fine, cervix is on the short side, 2.7 but the OB and Maternal Fetal doctors are not too concerned, so I'll try not to be.  She has gained about 20 pounds, not too much yet but babies are growing fine, all tests are normal. 

I've been busy with a million things and next weekend is our baby shower.  After that I have two more weeks of constant engagements but hoping to relax by June and maybe get a babymoon somewhere in there!

Love you all!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

20 weeks

Time is flying by like everyone said it would!  20 weeks already!

We are flying out tomorrow to Seattle, the anatomy scan will be on Monday, cannot wait to find out the sex of baby A is!   What's your guess?

Cynthia is doing good, except for some Carpal Tunnel, the palpitations are better, but I feel I'll have a better idea of how everything is going once I'm there and see it first hand. 

I've been busy, I rented a storage unit and getting tons of stuff out of our place, it seems like a waste of money but trust me it's saving our marriage.  I'm a minimalist and Dan loves to collect stuff , the negotiations on what to keep and what to donate were not going good.  So a storage unit seemed the perfect solution.   Still a lot to go through, hopefully will be done in the next two weeks and then I can start the fun part of painting and getting the nursery ready.  

We've also been interviewing pediatricians, we've got a night nurse in place already, the registry is done and we pretty much settled for Hipp formula from the UK, we are ordering through Amazon.   Plan B for formula is Baby's Only.  I still feel I have a ton to do.  Exciting times ladies!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Pregnancy

The pregnancy has been going great.  There are two healthy babies in there, two good heartbeats and they are both growing at a normal range.   That means great to me.

Has it been smooth?  Maybe not so much.  Cynthia has been having spotting throughout the first 12 weeks, but they said that was normal.  She had been feeling very nauseous but that has gone away, now she's able to keep food down and eat whatever she wants.   But she has had a run to the ER the other day because she woke up with an extremely swollen wrist, then it went down but they told her she might be developing carpal tunnel due to the pregnancy.

She also has been having palpitations and been very short of breath, things she didn't experience with her first two pregnancies.  But of course, she was 25 and 29 while pregnant and with only a singleton so of course we shouldn't expect things to go as easy.    They sent her to get a electrocardiogram, everything went fine. She also got a monitor attached for 24 hours to check on her heart as well and we are waiting for the results. 

I am learning to relax.  I'm learning to let go.  I'm learning to just focus on all the list of things I need to get ready for the babies and try not to think of all the things that could go wrong.  I'm doing my best.

We are 18 weeks tomorrow and we're flying on the 7th for the 20 week anatomy scan.   Can't wait to see them again!  Will it be two boys or boy/girl that's the question!  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

So many things!

Did I mention I live in a 600sq ft apartment?  Yes, we live in a shoe box, but the good news is that we have 2 bedrooms.  Yay!  One of them has been Dan's office since forever so now he is having to give it up.  He is not looking forward to it and wants to stretch his time there as much as possible (of course!).  So my painting/decorating/setting up the nursery project will be the last thing I do before they come. I guess we are leaving the fun for last.

In the meantime, and to feel like I'm doing something, I thought I would get the registry together.  Wow.  I went with a good friend to Buy Buy Baby and it was absolutely crazy.  My idea was to keep things simple but it seems like that's impossible.  There are so many things that look like would make a new mom's life so much easier and convenient, and I feel that with twins I should take advantage of that. So the items I think I need keep piling up!  LOL 

If you have any product you love or anything you thought it was a waste of money, please let me know.    I'm a total minimalist and absolutely hate clutter.  I would love to keep my place neat and organized... I wonder if that would ever be possible again with twins, ha!