Saturday, January 5, 2013

If you can handle violence...


There is a couple of movies we watched this past week and loved:  Django and Zero Dark Thirty.   Django is brutal, if I would have had an aisle seat I would have walked away in one particular scene.  Granted, I don't do well with violence of any kind, which is the reason why I became a vegetarian 22 years ago (that's too long of a story for this post now), but there are a couple of scenes that are very hard to watch.  Like with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo kind of scene, just very very disturbing.   But aside from that is a GREAT movie.   Tarantino is awesome!

On a side note, it is hard to believe that not that long ago slavery and racism was seen as a normal thing.  I imagine there had been different levels of cruelty at the time, but still.  I'm glad those days are over and we've come as far as to have Obama as President.  Yay!

Then there's ZeroDarkThirty.  You have to watch it.   There are a couple of details that they say were not entirely true, but I won't discuss that here, I don't want to spoil it for you, but for the most part it is all based on true facts.  Loved it too.


  1. This article offers an interesting perspective on the Zero Movie.

    1. Thanks for the article! Dan actually mentioned the controversy before we saw the movie.

      The torture of the detainees has been justified by some, even though I don't agree and the current administration doesn't either, or at least is trying to stop it, people that support it may have a point in a case like this. Yes, apparently it wasn't true the fact that a detainee confession lead to the capture of Bin Laden, it's sad they chose to present it that way in the film, but I still thought the movie was great.

      Dan and I were talking the other day about this. If we had captured someone that had kidnapped a child of ours and was holding him at an undisclosed location would I torture this person to get information to find my child? Maybe. Does torture lead to valuable information? In some cases, in very few it does. The torture showed in the movie was of a man that was directly involved with the killing of three thousand people...

      I am a pacifist, I hate violence, I do not condone torture and it is a sad fact we live in an extremely violent world. There are other inconsistencies in the film, after all, it is a Hollywood movie and you always have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Even documentaries are tainted by a point of view, as much as they try to be impartial and show the facts, I think it's inevitable. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the movie and thought it was very well done and although the movies fails on the level of accuracy as far as the impact torture, it succeeds in that it may provide somewhat of a healing experience for many who were impacted by the results of 9/11.

  2. Django is on my list! Haven't heard too much about Zero yet (I know, I've been living under a rock lately), but I will def check it out! Thanks!